Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game Time!

Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have started the season! Our (I say that like I am on the team...) first game was on Saturday, September 3. Lucky for me it had a 6 p.m. kick-off, which meant we didn't have to get up at the complete crack of dawn to get there.

We arrived in Stillwater around noon and tailgated for the afternoon. The Parker's even graced us with their presence for the afternoon!
Is she not the cutest little Cowgirl?!?

What a worn out little Cowgirl!

We left Stillwater with a W for the evening.

The next game was on a Thursday night, which I already blogged about here. 

Our third game was on the road. This on the road game was actually closer to us than the home games. We played the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes in Tulsa. Since college football is all about making money, they kick-off was scheduled for 9 p.m. so it would be televised and not have the 'big' game at 7 to compete with. As we were preparing for the game, we heard the TV announcers say both teams were asked to stay in the locker rooms and fans were asked to go to the concourse of the stadium before a storm hit.

Tobie says, "Rain, rain, go away! My Cowboys want to come out and play!"

"I'll just rest my eyes before the game starts."

Resting up before the game

There sure was a storm! Lots of lightning, thunder and rain. 3 hours later, the Cowboys had kick-off. If you did your math correctly, you know that was a 12:15 kick-off!
This is how they were sleeping together when I woke them up for the kickoff

Our house only made it to halftime. I hear the game ended with a Cowboy victory around 3:30 a.m.

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  1. HAHA!! We barely made it to half time at our house!