Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthing Class- week 1

So, we signed up for a 4 week birthing class. After one session, I am thinking we should have done the 'fast track' 1 day class.

PA- You may want to skip any posts titled Birthing Class. I mean, you don't appreciate the penis cookies, so you may not find as much humor in this as others. :) Just consider yourself warned if you choose to continue reading.

Someone said they would definitely need gum for next week because his cheek hurts from biting it so he wouldn't laugh. However, there was an older guy (meaning this is his 4th time around but the previous 3 were 16, 17 and 18 years ago) that chuckled and giggled more than Hubby. His wife sounds a little like Darth Vader when she breaths but maybe I shouldn't be saying anything, I might get there someday.

We learned about a variety of new things that grossed Hubby out, such as the mucous plug, another girl discussing her vaginal discharge after being asked by the teacher and then being informed that next week we will get to see the video of birth. Hubby said for future personal questions, he would like to do it "heads down, thumbs up style" so he doesn't have to know exactly who is talking.

The next three weeks should be interesting!

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  1. No damn penis cookies for me, that's for sure,,,no joke. 1949 I was assigned to the Medics in the good old U.S.A.F., One occasion was to see and learn basic and I mean basic medical stuff. Now mind you I told the Doctor's that I had passed out when I saw a Bull dehorned. No problem they said you will get your mind acclumated to some thin gs in the , I mean basic medical field. anyway one phase was to watch a child birth, needles to say I passed out..and I passed out on several , I mean basic medical occaqsions. After ten years of I mean basic medical items I can say I can change babys soiled pants. Good luck Preston .................