Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthing Class- week 2

This week was movie week! Meaning we got to watch the video of a baby being born. A lot of the video was a digital take on it but we did get to see some real life stuff too. Hubby said it wasn't too bad but I think that will be a totally different story when he is actually there, live and in person.

Some of the things I saw, I could have done without {and will when it is my turn}...
-For some reason, I just don't think I am going to feel the urge to reach down there and feel her when she is on her way out.
-I also have no desire to have a mirror. I mean, that is just not for me.
-I also think I am okay with letting the doctor take care of pulling her out of there... that's what he went to school for, not me. Kourtney Kardashian, I am not!

One thing that Hubby giggling this week was when the video said after the shoulders are out, the rest kind of slides out like a fish. I don't know what about that was so funny but he was amused.

I laughed when the Asian lady said, "I was just so happy to hold my baby boy in my arm." ARM? Um, wait, you only have one? No you don't, I see two on the video right now! I don't know what the plural of words ever did to Asian people but I have noticed they don't use plurals very well. [my only other comparison to this is from American Idol when the guy didn't add the S to seasons, even after being told by the music producer to enunciate the S.]

Anyways, we just have 2 more weeks of class and only 70 days until Snowflake's due date!!!

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