Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinot's Palette

At the beginning of April, yes I know, it's the middle of May now, I went to a little place called Pinot's Palette. At Pinot's Palette, you choose a night to go based on what type of painting they are doing (at least that is what we did). Then when you get there, they have all the supplies you will need ready for you (paint, canvas, brushes, water cup for rinsing, etc). I met up with my Australian travel partner, Courtney, and her crew to paint "Tulips in Blue".

This picture shows some of the different paintings that have been done.
The instructor gives you directions one step at time to paint the picture and then lets you have at your canvas. The first step was to paint black from the top down to the middle and then blend white from the bottom up to the black.

The next step was to paint some grass and leaves. They showed us different techniques on how to get different shades of green or to give it a different look by making a different type of stroke. Different. I know.

Then we were shown (you guessed it...) different ways to make a tulip. I went in knowing that I would like to paint pink tulips if possible, so my tulips are not blue. {that wouldn't have really fit into Miss Snowflake's room.}

My finished product!!

Here is our little group with all of our tulip paintings!

It was a really fun time!!! After looking at their website, there are lots of fun paintings that I would like to try but then what would I do with them all?


  1. dah!!!! give them away as gifts. some peoplewould like to show off thier grand dauhters, or daughterrs or aunts, or cousins talents . what more can an old man have to tell you????????

  2. I love being second to reply after your Pa. He's awesome!

    Yes, lets definitely make it a date. I haven't had a pedicure since the last time I was with you (I seriously never can justify having someone else do it!) You pick the place and we'll work out a date/time!!

    And agreed on the toilet thing. Not only the pee all over it part but the impressive number twos mean that I am SO not responsible for that chore. ;)

  3. oh and I fixed my last one. It's boring, but about cookie dough.