Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthing Class- week 4-- updated!

Well, we wrapped up class last night. That means we're fully ready and totally prepared for this little girl to make her arrival! We didn't even get a certificate saying we passed, so maybe we didn't? The 4 weeks went by really fast. I'm not sure what we will do with our Monday nights now.

This week, we talked about and saw a video about getting epidurals. While it all seems fine and dandy, I am not a fan of needles so watching the video was probably worse for me than seeing the others. I asked Hubby if there was just a magic wand that could be waved and she would just be here. I think that is just wishful thinking on my part. One guy in the video actually pulled his kid out and then made the statement, "I don't want to drop her." Reassuring, right? So the hospital people helped to make sure the baby wasn't dropped before making it to the mom. Thankfully, I do not think Hubby will be that involved in her delivery but who knows?! He may surprise me.

There was also discussion of the baby blues after she is here. The video said something about not shaking the baby when it cries. Surely that is just a minor thing that EVERYONE should know if they have common sense. However, they never said anything about putting a kid in the washing machine, which is what one guy did at a laundromat. You can read the article and watch the video here.

UPDATE: We also talked about the PURPLE cry. They don't call it Colic anymore. It's PURPLE now. 
P- peak of crying, 
R-resists soothing, 
P-pain like face, 
L- long lasting, 
E- evening

This is when they stressed not not shake the baby and that sometimes it is okay to just walk away from the baby after putting them in a safe place, like a crib. It does not mean, walk away and take the dog for a walk around the block, Hubby! When we got home and were talking about he suggested that he would just take the dog for a quick walk around the block while Snowflake cries it out. Sadly for him, I informed him that you CAN'T LEAVE THE BABY HOME ALONE! "But the lady on the video put the baby in the crib and went downstairs." You are correct. She went downstairs, not around the block! So please take mental note to ask my Husband where the baby is if you see him walking the dog.

Our lady tried to take us to the labor and delivery area of the hospital but they were full! She said when we do pre-admission, we should tell them we didn't get the tour during our class. We walked down there so we at least know where we are going. Then we checked out the nursery and saw three little babies.

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  1. Oh girl, that magic wand thing sounds great! Can we make that happen before I decide to have a baby? ;o) I can't wait to meet Snowflake & I know you can't either!