Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthing Class- week 3

This week was all about the c-section. When and why you may have it, how they perform it, etc.  

First, Hubby "volunteered" to wear the Empathy Belly. Before he could even put it on he had to sign a release saying he didn't have back or heart issues and that he is not pregnant. Apparently, they frown on pregnant people wearing wearing the pregnant belly. Before getting the actual belly on, she tightened up a velcro strip around his chest to help restrict his breathing. Next came the belly, followed by a weight on his bladder and two steel balls to represent a little person digging around on your ribs. After all that, he was able to get dressed.
Getting suited up
He's so modest about his breasts
Our two bellies together
Testing out side sleeping
I am sure he is thoroughly enjoying the conversation. He said his baby's name is Bob. I said, "You could have named it Rachete the Machete Snow but instead you chose Bob??"

Next, our lady started off showing us the different things we may see in the delivery room. We were able to see parts of the monitoring devices that I'd be hooked up to and some they may use to monitor the baby. One of them, they actually screw into the baby's head. Now she said it was only done as far as if you pricked yourself but to think of a little corkscrew going into her (or any baby) head is so crazy. We also saw the vacuum extractor, to which Hubby said, "get the Dyson out" and forceps, which look kind of scary (for the baby and for the mom!).

Then, it was time for the C-Section video. I am not sure where they find these people or if they just want to make sure they cover all their bases but this video consisted of a deaf couple that had a c-section. Hubby was doing okay until it was time to actually see the procedure. He gets grossed out watching surgeries on Grey's Anatomy, so I sort of knew what to expect from him.

Lastly, we got to practice our relaxation again. Have you ever tried to focus on breathing when there is an empathy belly butting into your space? After getting ourselves relaxed, the lady didn't talk us through it as she had the first two weeks, we had to try different 'positions' to help the contractions. Let's just say 'slow dancing' was like being at a junior high dance being that our bellies kept us apart. The 'hands and knees' position is just a little awkward, especially when you can hear his empathy belly sloshing around. I have a hard time imagining myself shifting all over the delivery room to try these different techniques considering half of me will be hanging out of a hospital gown. I guess we'll find out when it is time.

Oh, and we actually figured out (well Hubby thinks he knows, I am still a little confused) how to get to the 6th floor parking garage. You would think you could just drive right up there but it really isn't that simple. You have to go a certain way to get going up the garage in the right direction. A man definitely must have designed that.

It's crazy to think we just have one more week of class of left!


  1. All I can say is thar Preston is a damn good sport for doing all this birthing information Love you both pa

  2. when it comes time for contractions you won't give a damn about anything else, and you'll find the position that is comfortable for you! Mine was half bent over on the bed, stretching my back out while standing up. Who knew?? :)

  3. Preston be strong... the floor is a hard surface to land on... plus don't expect anyone to pick you up... it's not thier job!