Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The cat's out of the bag

Hubby got home late which means no picture. So… the 21 week update will have to be published later. However; today my little people found out! It’s no great story or anything good like I dreamed about when it was too late (I will get to that story) but at least now they know.

We were doing math {weird time to tell them, I know} and the lesson was about comparing sizes. There were 3 bears on the screen when a student said “It’s like a bear life cycle. A baby one, then it gets bigger and then even bigger to have another baby.”
2nd student chimed in: “Like Mrs. Snow was a baby and now she is grown-up.”
3rd student kind of finished #2’s thought process: “Yeah, Mrs. Snow was a baby, then a kid, now a grown up and then she will get a baby and it all starts over.”
With a story like that, I just took it and ran with it saying, “You know what? You’re right! I will get a baby soon.”

They sort of looked at me and then I told them I will be having a baby in July. When I told them, you would have thought they were going to get to keep the baby. They were so excited. “I’m so happy!” Some of them even got up and jumped around a little. A few of the girls were even hugging each other saying, “I’m so excited!” It was really sweet.

Then we took a class vote to see if boy or girl won. It was about even. I told them it’s a girl by showing them Tobie’s Think Pink picture and the girl’s got real excited again. One little boy got upset that Snowflake isn’t going to be a boy.

I was then asked what her name was. I told her for now we are calling her Snowflake because we haven’t decided yet. They laughed when I told them that Mr. Snow suggested ‘Santa Claus’. When they realized Santa Claus was a boy name, one of little girls said, “That’s a boy name. how ‘bout Mrs. Santa Claus?” Other names that were suggested were: Cutie Pie, Ashley, and Sparkle. I told them I would tell Mr. Snow their suggestions.

Before we left for lunch, I overheard some friends playing. One has a baby in her too. I made sure that I sent home a note telling the parents “that we are expecting our first child, a little girl, in July” and that “there has already been talk of them having babies too. I just want you to be aware so you are prepared to answer any questions how you choose.”

They never mentioned it the rest of the day but I am glad they know and was glad to see them excited about it.

On to the dream I had… Last week, my kindergarten friends were in charge of Rise and Shine, our morning assembly. Several of them did memorize their part like I asked but even the ones that didn’t, got up there and spoke clearly in the microphone. Anyways, Thursday night, I dreamed that I had told my kids about Snowflake and then told them to wear pink to school on Friday. In doing this, they would have known Snowflake is a girl before all of the teachers so it would have been how I let the teachers know she is a she. BUT, I dreamed that one night too late.

PS- the friends did a great job at Rise and Shine! They received many compliments on a job well done. 

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  1. was so glad to hear even the little students were glad and happy about our snowflake . love pa