Monday, March 5, 2012

Tobie says...

On Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, we found out that our little Snowflake is a little girl!

We were scheduled to go in at 7:45 but then got rescheduled for 3:30. When I got to the doctor’s office, Hubby was there waiting. I looked down and saw that he was still wearing his work boots.
I said: You’re going back to work when we’re finished?
Hubby: Um, yeah.
Me:  You mean you don’t want to go buy our little Snowflake something now that we will know if it is a boy or girl?
Hubby: Well, I didn’t say that.
Me: But you’re really going back to work and not shopping?
Hubby: I guess you could have told me you wanted to go shopping afterwards.

So, as I see it, I will have to tell him everything. I just figured we only find out what our first child is one time and maybe he would want to spend the rest of the day with me. Note to self: tell him he will be available in July when Snowflake arrives. J

Anyways, we were called back to our little ultrasound room. I had already been told by Preston’s cousin, who goes to the same doctor, that T, the ultrasound lady, is very dry. She told us what she was going to do and to tell her if there were any pictures we wanted to take home. After about 3 minutes of being in awe, seeing there actually is a human in there, I said, “Would you just take pictures of what you think is cool that parents will want?” So she did. We told her we had been calling the baby Snowflake and she sort of looked at us like, ‘that’s kind of silly,’ so I followed up with, ‘it goes with the last name.’ Then she understood. (See… dry. Other things were said throughout to confirm this but she was also very nice!)

After looking around a bit and explaining some of what we were seeing she said, “Are you looking for a gender today?” We told her we were and of course Snowflake immediately locked the knees together. She asked us if we had any guesses on boy or girl. I told her I had no idea and I never really did because I was afraid to say it was one thing and it turn out to be the other. Neither one of us told her about Hubby’s day of the week theory. She asked what other people thought and I told her several teachers at school thought it was a girl and that our friend’s Magic 8 ball said it was a girl too. Then I told her Robin was curious if the doctor’s Magic 8 ball was as accurate as hers. :)

After poking and wiggling, I was sent to “empty my bladder, wiggle down the hall, jump around and talk to that baby while you’re in there.” I came back and knees were still locked. Then I had to roll to my left, which put my back to the screen. When I rolled, Snowflake rolled with me, which is not what T wanted. Then I had to roll part way to my right (because she still had to have room to move her wand) and that is when she froze the screen, made a little circle on it and said, “And that’s the labia. You’ll see those little ridges the first time you change her diaper.” I looked over at Preston in time to see his eyes welled up at the sight of knowing Snowflake is a little girl. She will be the luckiest girl in the world to have him as a Daddy.

Snowflake's profile
Snowflake's little footprint

To maintain Snowflake's modesty, I won't be posting her girl parts. I've got to start her out right... they are not for sharing.

After the appointment, Hubby went back to work and I headed out shopping. I picked up this cute little outfit for the Daddy.

Shopping had to be quick since we were hosting our friends, Travis and Robin, for American Idol. We had gone shopping the day before for our menu items (hotdogs or tacos) and now had to get cooking. Tacos won! :) We weren't just going to come right out and tell them, “It’s a girl!” we wanted to wait and see if they realized that due to the fact we were having tacos for dinner. Robin was funny though. We did a little small talk before she came out and asked if we knew then she buried her head in her sweatshirt out of excitement of possibly getting to know. When it hit that tacos were the clue, she said, “where’s the cake? (they brought dessert for the night)” and then proceeded to get pink frosting out of her purse.

Later, we had to pause our show for a Skype session with the grandparents. I had asked my dad to go to his parents after choir practice so we could tell them all together.

We sent Nandy and Pa ‘It’s a Girl!’ balloons on Thursday to tell them the news. It was entertaining ordering them because she asked, “Do you want me to put 'Congratulations' on the card?” I said, “No, these are for my grandparents. It is how we are telling them the gender of their great grandchild.” The floral lady was excited about getting to deliver them. She said she had “never done it this way before.” Then I asked her if she would take a picture of them with the balloons and send it to me or I could get it from my grandparents next time I was in Enid (which is what I will have to do). We also Skyped them on Thursday night. Pa said, "He figured it would be a girl since Hubby had {girl} plans to look at the whole time." He said it is some of his "old, old wisdom" so he needed to use it. Silly old man.

Pa promptly sent out a mass email telling people. He sent it to me too. That is when I saw he included my brother, who I was going to Skype that night to tell. Oh well. I still got to tell Claire and Dana without them knowing. Claire offered her some of her baby dresses too. She also suggested the name Jennica because we can't name her Claire "because that's my name!!" and "Tobie is Tobie's name!!"

Friday, I hung Tobie’s Think Pink picture in the lounge for my school friends to find out and Friday after school I made the official announcement to facebook. Now the world knows... except for my little friends at school.

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