Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sh!t I Hear in the Teacher's Lounge

It's long overdue but time for another installment...

Many, many, many a days, the discussion is based around healthy eating. This may consist of what was eaten last night, what is going to be eaten, what should have been eaten, etc. In trying to help some friends out, a co-worker has provided little notebooks to serve as food journals. Goals are supposed to be set and food is supposed to be tracked to help see what is being consumed. 

When discussing goals, one struggled with giving up tasty little snacks the kids have. For example, the kids would eat cookies for snack so the grown-up would eat some with them. Another co-worker suggested taking an apple (or any other healthy snack) to have to eat when the kids had snack. The response to that idea is what made this post!

"Giving me an apple instead of chocolate is like telling a heroin addict, 'here's a Tylenol.'"

And there you have it folks.

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