Friday, March 16, 2012

More Christmas Break...

So it is 3 months later but I just stumbled onto these pictures from Christmas Break.

One of the exciting things Tobie and I did was venture out to Hubby's new work place. He started it from the ground up and after several months we were finally granted access to see the place.

It was a lovely December day to dangle out the window on our car ride

Hubby checking on the guy in the whole trying to fix the natural gas line. Earlier in the day, there was a small fire at this spot.

Tobie checking it out with her Dad

Tobie and I running the equipment... well, not really but we look cute pretending!

Tobie testing out Hubby's office in the horse room

"Dad? You left us in the car?"

"Is he coming back yet?"

"Man, I'm getting hot waiting on him!"
There really wasn't a whole lot going on there so that is all the fun we had.

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