Friday, March 2, 2012

Super Size Nothing!

On the 18th, Hubby drove me to OKC to go to a baby shower for a friend. He dropped me off at the shower and then went to spend time with FIL (his dad). On the way, we stopped for lunch at a McDonald's on the Turner Turnpike. Now I know, most people think it is disgusting... but to me there is just something do good about a plain cheeseburger from McDonald's. I am sure if I knew what was really in it I may not think that but I just don't like to think about where any of my food really comes from. Anyways, we start back down the turnpike when I pull out my fries.


Yes, that fry thing really was as small as it looks!

I understand that the world of a child is becoming a fatter place but dang people...Why do I have to suffer? McDonald's already offers healthy choices, why do you have to make my fries smaller? It's not my fault if some bratty little kid convinces his/her parents to get fries instead of the healthy option.

If you weren't sure about how I felt about this, please know that I felt robbed. I guess Hubby will have to start super-sizing all of his meals just so I can get some more french fries out of the deal.


  1. Hey hence forth tell them dumb Micky Dees your feeding two bodies at this time in your lifemmHey bitchy new Mommies are aloud to complain.. love Pa

  2. Did you get a Happy Meal? In Happy Meals now they are giving those small fries and a bag of apples. :) Sorry you got robbed!